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eBPF: A New Approach to Cloud-Native Observability, Networking and Security for Current (5G) and Future Mobile Networks (6G and Beyond) – Rakuten

Modern mobile communication networks and new service applications are deployed on cloud-native platforms.
Kubernetes (K8s) is the de facto distributed operating system for container orchestration, and the extended version of the Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) is to the Linux and Microsoft Windows kernel what JavaScript is to the web browser.
In this paper, we introduce what eBPF is - referring to some of the most important open-source projects (such as Cilium and Calico), books (e.g. the recent one by Liz Rice) and presentations (e.g., the ones by Thomas Graf and his team members at Isovalent) - its potential for Telco cloud, and review some of the most promising pricing and billing models applied to this revolutionary operating system (OS) technology.

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