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The Trouble With Scaling O-RAN & TIP Innovation

Enterprise services are a focus in both 5G and 6G. However, a major challenge lies in being able to deliver end-to-end quality of service guarantees, particularly where services travel across more than one operator network. Open RAN and open networks should help, but will that even be a 6G phenomenon?

Telecoms Growth – Enterprise Not Included

Growth predictions for telecoms providers are pessimistic about the potential for enterprise in the next five years, despite the hype and hope for enterprise services that the advent of 5G brought. What has gone wrong and how do we fix it?

New CSP Business Models Required For 5G-6G Success

What does it mean to be entering an era of immersive data? How does that change the business and operating models of companies that used to be all about communications? This interview with Marc Price of Matrixx explores the fundamentals of making money in the coming decade.

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