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Penn State University: Researchers Engineer Electrically Tunable Graphene Device To Study Rare Physics – India Education Diary

Researchers, co-led by the University of Manchester (UK) and Penn State (USA) have developed a tunable graphene-based platform that allows fine control over the interaction between light and matter in the terahertz (THz) spectrum to reveal rare phenomena known as exceptional points.

The work could advance optoelectronic technologies to better generate, control and sense light and potentially impact wireless communications, according to the researchers. They demonstrated a way to control THz waves, which could contribute to the development of beyond-5G wireless networks.

CEO Interview: “6G is Cloud”

Ray Dolan, CEO of Cohere Technologies, comes across as something of a paradox. While he leads a company that is highly invested in the future of wireless radio communications, he doesn’t believe that questions about the radio will be central to 6G. In a recent interview with 6GWorld, Dolan outlined several arguments underlining why that is the case.

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