5G-IA: Calls For New Members Beyond Telecoms

As the 5G-PPP (Public-Private Partnership) evolves to something more than 5G, the call goes out for new members in areas including AI, Distributed Ledger technology, Photonics and Data Analytics.

Smart Networks and Services Partnership to Help Lead Europe into 6G

Europe 6G

A follow-up to Europe’s 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP), Smart Networks and Services (SNS) is poised to pick up where its predecessor left off, with at least one major difference. Instead of innovating for 5G, SNS will focus on 6G. Last Call for 5G-PPP According to 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) Chairman of the Board Colin […]

Editor’s Note: 6G – Some Assembly Required

The 6G Hype Cycle is being pedalled fast these days, it seems. Is there a genuine underlying need for this? We argue yes (of course), but voices from beyond telecoms do too. A whole new set of stakeholders has to pull together if we want to build something fit for purpose.