6GSymposium Roundup Spring 2022

Last month’s 6GSymposium brought together 73 speakers from all walks of life to shed light on the commercial and technical paths towards 6G. They covered everything from the evolution of regulation and international competition to new network architectures and the role of new materials – through making money, sustainability and even how to win the battle of ideas.

Spirent – Could the Business Case Stumble on Operational Support?

While air interface and network technologies take much of the limelight in building a new generation, actually turning the technology into viable business propositions needs more attention. In this talk, Spirent’s Stephen Douglas explores the challenges ahead and possible solutions.

6G: The Network Of Technology Convergence

Cellular technology evolution across multiple generations has consistently sustained the global economic growth. Each of these generations has uniquely contributed to boosting the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by addressing key industry pain-points and enabling new business opportunities not possible with previous generation networks. 6G will not be an exception here.

Future Network Infrastructure – Who Pays and How?

The CAPEX demands of 5G infrastructure are already driving operators worldwide towards increasing network sharing and infrastructure divestments, while the growth in neutral hosting, private networks and more is also setting a trend which is unlikely to reverse. This leads to several questions for the future structure of the industry