6G Supply Chain Implications

Findings from both consumer and enterprise 5G applications will likely feed into the development of 6G; as of 2021, there are already several market trends that will likely become the norm for any cellular generation going forward. These trends will transform the supply chain considerably, create new spheres of influence, and create opportunities for new entrants.

The Telco Value Chain In 6G: Predictions & Implications

While 6G is a long time away, we can already see early signs of changes in the value chain, supply chain and competitive landscape which will remodel the telecoms ecosystem. 5G is being deployed on a large scale for consumer public networks, while cellular technologies are being adopted for enterprise use cases, providing precious knowledge and experience to the value chain for this new, promising market.

6G: The Network Of Technology Convergence

Cellular technology evolution across multiple generations has consistently sustained the global economic growth. Each of these generations has uniquely contributed to boosting the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by addressing key industry pain-points and enabling new business opportunities not possible with previous generation networks. 6G will not be an exception here.

6G: A Network of Convergences?

Each type of convergence presents its own hurdles, even though we are already taking steps down those paths. And while the technology evolution is far from straightforward, the implications for business models, standards, services and processes are at least as important to understand. Join us as we unpick the strands that lead to 6G convergence.