What Will Bring XR to Scale For 6G?

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality services are not new, but technical constraints have limited their capabilities and uptake. The promise of the metaverse can seem like a threat to telecoms providers who need to support increased speeds and capacity especially for uploads and lower latencies. At the same time, edge computing and other elements could offer new opportunities for telcos.

SNS-PPP has launched a project exploring technical enablers to support XR in 6G. Developers of XR services aren’t waiting a decade for the network to solve their problems, though. So what’s happening and how can XR reach scale?

Who should listen?
Anyone involved in researching, developing and delivering next-generation networks; network architects; enterprise network specialists; AR, VR, MR developers and companies; media companies; content delivery networks; network infrastructure companies; edge providers.


Senior Staff Researcher, InterDigital Labs
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