Expectations for 2022, Implications Beyond 5G

2021 saw a great leap forward in government commitments to 5G Advanced and 6G, partnerships and research from across the globe. Momentum is building to plan and coordinate what is needed from the next generations of telecoms… but none of this is happening in a vacuum. Telecoms is changing faster than ever, as are the opportunities in enterprise and consumer spheres. “Skating where the puck is going to be” is getting tougher for traditional ‘telco’ players and new entrants, because of the variety of factors involved.

At the start of 2022, we bring together a panel of experts from different backgrounds to share their perceptions of where we are headed for the year across a variety of topic areas – technology, business strategy, standards and competition – and what this will mean for the longer-term evolution and role of telecoms businesses, bringing insights from CES as well as the broader environment.

Who should listen?
Telecoms strategy professionals; researchers; commercial leaders; Telecoms policy and regulation experts; business, financial and telecoms analysts; business and partnership strategy experts in government, NGOs, telecoms, Tech/IT, IoT, digital businesses and more.


Managing Editor, 6GWorld
Director of Institute for Communication Systems and 6GIC, University of Surrey
Executive Chairman, CCS Insight