A Look Ahead to WRC-23

It might sound obscure, but WRC-23 and WRC-27 are the only two opportunities for global alignment on spectrum before 2030, the year when 6G is supposedly released and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are met.

In this webinar we gain insights from people closely involved in the activities around WRC-23, helping you to understand:

  • What to watch out for from the news headlines and where the likely areas of alignment and disagreement will be.
  • What new approaches are being considered and what industry dynamics have been at play leading into the WRC? Past WRCs have been quite adversarial fights for spectrum. Has the run-up to WRC-23 suggested any change in that dynamic?
  • More to the point,  the probable long-term impact of decisions made there? Why do they matter, and where will they lead the different industries that rely on spectrum?

In the course of an hour, you’ll end up prepared to understand and interpret the outcomes of this crucial event for the industry and have the chance to put your questions to the experts.


Managing Editor, 6GWorld
Chairman, Azenby
Head of Policy, Greater China, GSMA
Director General, GSOA
President, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance