6GSymposium Fall 2022 Roundup

October’s 6GSymposium brought together more than 50 speakers from across the telecoms ecosystem and beyond to address how we move from ‘visions for 6G’ to implementation. Under the theme of “Building the 6G Experience” they covered everything from the state of play with 6G initiatives, through defining and imagining the experiences co-created with emerging phenomena such as robotics and the metaverse; progress on fundamental building-blocks such as research, testbeds and spectrum; the role of AI, software-based and disaggregated networks in generating new business models alongside new technical capabilities; and how to build in the demands of other industries and society into the development process. Alongside the conference, an array of technology demonstrations highlighted some of the most advanced research in this field.

If you don’t have 20 or so hours to spare watching the session videos (available free on the 6GSymposium website), join us for a one-hour digest of the key ideas and controversies, set in a wider context by some of America’s leading 6G experts from organizing partners Next G Alliance, Keysight, Northeastern University and InterDigital. We’ll also take time to answer your questions.


Dean of the College of Engineering, Northeastern University