Identity & Authorisation – Time For A Revolution?

Different telecoms access mechanisms have evolved different methods of authorisation, authentication and identity management. In a more connected era, new players are bringing fresh approaches to handle the next generation of services and experiences.

Guest Post: Cluster Competitiveness in 6G Ecosystems

Worldwide, governments are ambitious to foster home industries, research power houses, business networks and start-ups. In parallel, industry players are looking ahead to 6G commercialisation with an eye to how government intervention can help. These dynamics set up a fertile context for communities to form around public-private partnerships and market development efforts, Ken Figueredo explores the dynamics and successes in 6G so far.

Saying HaLow To A New IoT Contender

6GWorld explores the significance and impact of the WBA’s ambitious new white paper on Wi-Fi HaLow. With next steps in its progress already mapped out, can it deliver compared to existing IoT solutions?

WRC-23 Outcomes… Nobody Left Behind?

“The GSMA believes that no-one should be left behind in the digital age,” said Chief Regulatory Officer John Giusti last week, hailing WRC-23 decisions as a success for digital equality. However, there may be some more fundamental issues than spectrum at play hindering that aspiration.

Learning From The Experts… In Other Topics

At last month’s Life Beyond 5G event, parenting and work gurus, rappers, entrepreneurs, AI & 6G experts and more came together to explore how different aspects of life would change by the time 6G comes along. The results, and their priorities, are impressively grounded and often unexpected.

EU Starts Getting Tough on Naughty AI

The EU has announced agreement on a proposal for harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence, known as the AI act. The aim behind the act is to make sure that any AI systems used in Europe are ‘safe and respect fundamental rights and EU values.’


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