Guest Post: 6G Leadership – Government Purpose

This final article in a three-part series by Ken Figueredo on 6G leadership focuses on the role of government agencies in providing purpose and resources, both to lead and to enable the development of next generation communications systems.

Guest Post: 6G Leadership

In the first in a series of articles, analyst Ken Figueredo explores the underpinnings of the current geopolitical struggle for leadership in 6G.

Guest Post: A Sustainable Roadmap to 6G

Many governments have prioritised sustainability as a key component of 6G. How do we get there? Analog Devices’ CVP Andy Mclean shares some thoughts on how efficiency, procurement, commercials and semiconductors can combine for greener networks.

Instilling Values: Oversight & Error

“What gets measured gets managed,” they say. While many visions of 6G have strong societal and ethical components to them, is anyone doing any measuring – and are they the right people? 6GWorld explored in conversation with Paul Timmers and Georg Serentschy.

A Key Issue – 6G Key Value Indicators Aren’t Here Yet

While there has been a great deal discussed about the societal, environmental and economic demands which 6G will need to meet in different countries, little tangible has yet been achieved in the run-up to standardisation next year. Can we sensibly frame technology standards without tying them to these outputs?

ATIS Next G Alliance Aims At Trustworthy Future Networks  

The USA’s Next G Alliance released a report by its Societal and Economic Needs [SEN] working group last week titled “Beyond Speed: Promoting Social and Economic Opportunities through 6G and Beyond”. Especially when it comes to the vexed issue of trust, the report takes a deep dive into concrete solutions and actions.

Guest Post: From Factory Automation to Autonomy Factory

The next phase of automation in factories is driven by productivity. Machines need to be able to make decisions by themselves and they need to be able to move around. In technical terms we need AI and mobile networks. Mika Skarp of Cumucore gives his view of the next steps in this direction.

The US and Nordic Countries Promise More Cooperation on 6G

The Presidents of Finland and the United States and the Prime Ministers of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden have committed to widening the cooperation on 6G among the nations. This is the latest of a series of agreements and international commitments the US administration has made in recent months.

Guest Post: 6G – Fitting the Market Needs of the 2030s

“In 6G standardisation it might be a good idea to listen to the needs of the non-public network clientele as this is the only sizable area of growth for the 3GPP ecosystem right now.” In this guest post Heikki Almay, CEO of Poutanet, sets out some ideas for 6G architecture that might help make 6G a more marketable proposition.

What The New Li-Fi Standard Offers The Telecoms Ecosystem

In June the IEEE ratified the 802.11bb standard to relatively little acclaim. However, this standard opens up some pretty exciting possibilities. This article explores some of the ramifications that come along with having a global standard.

Guest Post: Why do we Need a 6G Revolution, not an Evolution?

In this guest post, Azenby’s Charles Brookson – one of the people responsible for originally designing mobile security systems and standards – argues that many of the fundamentals underlying 5G today are no longer fit for purpose. We need a radical rethink to do better next time around.

6G: Your Questions Answered

In our recent webinars we had highly engaged audiences who asked dozens of questions across a broad range of topics. As these reflect the interests and understanding of 6GWorlds’ readership, we have tried to address the biggest and most popular questions in this compilation article.


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