USA Getting Specially Competitive On 6G

A recent paper from the Special Competitive Studies Project underlines policy recommendations to give the USA a leading position in advanced networks. 6GWorld dives into some of the key issues and recommendations.

Is An SME Service Revolution In The Offing?

There are small signs that SMEs might finally be able to get the telecoms services they need in the way they need. We explore the approaches unlocking this huge segment and what they have in common.

Can 6G Learn the Lessons of IoT?

6G faces some demands which haven’t faced previous generations; for coverage, and for intelligence at a lower carbon footprint. While these are new for a 3GPP generation, IoT has some experience with this.

Operators – Intelligent Partners In The 2020s?

As the telecoms world starts moving increasingly to more open and collaborative models to build services, propositions and revenue streams, strategies and philosophies for partnering will become increasingly significant for success. This is, unfortunately, an area where the telecoms industry has tended to do badly, from the desire to control walled gardens of services in the days before 3G to the modern day. Are there ways we can do better as an industry?

One Touch Switching and the Legacy Pandora’s Box

The UK regulator Ofcom has recently faced a battle with British broadband providers. While the details are UK-specific, the issues are ones which many in the industry globally will recognise. The challenge? Legacy technologies which are fundamental to the working of the telecoms system.

Video: 6G, Testbeds and KPIs

In this clip, Andreas Roessler, Technology Manager at Rohde & Schwarz, shares his views on testbeds and KPIs for 6G

Trust and the Ethics of Future Networks

The ITU, ATIS Next G Alliance, the European Commission and others have all placed the idea not only of secure systems, but trustworthy systems, at the heart of their plans for the next generation of telecoms.

While security by design is a big ask, “trust” may be a bigger one.

An Internet of Data May be on the Horizon

GSMA Open Connect is one of the multiple approaches over the years that have sought to take advantage of mobile operators’ data. Yet they have been stymied repeatedly in using that data to its full extent.

There are, however, developments beyond the traditional telecoms domain that might help to turn that around.

A Whole New World! But Not What You Think

Behind the flash and glamour of last week’s MWC there has been some question about the commercial health of the ecosystem. While drone taxis and other elements are unlikely to revolutionise the industry during the 2020s, there are some quieter revolutions under way which actually might.

MWC23: Thursday Close-out

Thursday at MWC featured multiple conversations about how security will need to change and what approaches might work.

MWC23: Risk and Reward

Commercial evolution is top of mind for telecoms providers at MWC, but how to go about it and the pace of change is controversial.

MWC23: 5G Advanced – Ready For Take-Off

For those of you who can’t be in MWC, this is full footage from an MWC session giving some essential insights into the operators’ view of the movement from 5G to 5G-Advanced, including insights from Jio Platforms and AT&T, plus the evolutionary differences between 5G and 5G-Advanced from a vendor point of view.

MWC 2023: Life of API

The GSMA’s Chairman, Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete, made a stir this morning as he announced that the GSMA would fundamentally change to become ‘a standards organisation’ in what he hailed as ‘the rebirth of the GSMA’. It won’t and it’s not, but there are interesting times afoot.

Valuable Elements: 6G and Metaverse Show Early Promise at MWC

While the Sunday before MWC is a busy time for people preparing exhibition stands, it was also an opportunity to steal a march on the ideas cropping up. As well as Nokia’s announcements, there was more behind the scenes that points in promising directions.

Guest Post: Telcos Need to Answer the Process Mining Call

The telecommunications industry is under relentless pressure to do more with less. A falling supply of new customers is forcing businesses to control cost while innovating services. Telcos are only set to feel the squeeze more as they continue to invest in 5G infrastructure, deal with more complex data demands pushing them to 5G-Advanced and 6G, and grapple with new technologies like the metaverse.

NGMN’s 6G: Less Next Generation, More Regeneration

The NGMN’s recent white paper on 6G requirements sets out an operator vision for the next generation. It offers a pragmatic concept of 6G and its implementation which suggests a very different way forward compared to previous generations, which might regrow the fortunes of the industry.

Guest Post – Fulfilling the promise of mobile OTT

This guest post from Infovista uses the example of cloud gaming to explore how quality of experience measurement and delivery is having to adapt in 5G and what that means for the future evolution of QoE management.

Video Interview: Can We Make A 6G That Users Want?

6GWorld spoke with William Webb, CTO at Access Partnership and former CTO of OFCOM, about the institutional barriers standing in the way of making the next generation of networks a commercial success… and how to overcome them.

6G Events to Attend in 2023

To help you find the best fits for your needs, 6GWorld has put together this non-exhaustive list of confirmed 6G events across the globe

Not Lost in Fog – An Edgeless Global Wireless Network (AKA 6G?)

The concept of an endless fog is not much different from that of 6G, insofar as every device acts both as a transmitter and a receiver, talking to every other device.

If we left it to existing industry players to work this out amongst themselves, we might wait until 99G.
However, the next iteration of the loX (including “things” such as metaverse) is the wild card that may reshape this.

APAC 5G ROI – A Lesson for 6G?

“Wireless carriers are all upgrading networking capabilities to the next generation of 5G, but that does not mean they are making money on the effort,” says technology industry analyst Jeff Kagan.
“In fact, it may be surprising to learn that this upgrade is costing wireless carriers much more than they’re earning from it.”

Self-Sovereign Identity and the Road Beyond 5G

Self-Sovereign Identity, or SSI, looks set to change the dynamics of interactions online. By extension, that will have profound second-order effects on businesses and customers throughout the telecoms world and beyond.

Verizon Shuts Down Its 3G Network

US carrier Verizon announced it is shutting down its 3G network. The move would happen in 2019, but the company decided to postpone it

IMT-2030: Gap Analysis

The ITU-R published a document in November called “Future technology trends of terrestrial IMT systems towards 2030 and beyond”. It is exciting to see how much is covered, but peril lies in overlooking what is not.

Editorial – Dispelling Common 6G Illusions

There are a good many misconceptions popping up about what 6G is or should be, and which lead to the concept being dismissed all too easily. By digging into some of these misconceptions, 6GWorld aims to help the industry start 2023 with a clearer idea of the relevance and – fundamentally – the point of 6G.


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