Nanobusiness – a Rising Business Category

November 18, 2020

Written by 6GWorld
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6GWorld is pleased to share an Omnisperience green paper detailing the market behind nanobusinesses, a growing but overlooked business category. As the industry explores new 5G-enabled services, this market offers the chance to monetise a surprisingly large group of people straddling the boundary between consumer and business.

Omnisperience says:

Nanobusinesses – ‘one-man-bands’ that operate with a business owner unsupported by any full-time employees – have always been an element of society. In the West they are increasingly essential for households to survive and thrive after the COVID-19 crisis. They will provide valuable additional income and enable people to get out of debt, stop being underemployed and get back to work if they’ve been made redundant.

Nanobusinesses are a feature of the Digital Economy, which has provided powerful platforms for people to sell their skills, their time, things that they already own, their influence, or even goods on a part-time basis. There is even an opportunity to combine one or more nanobusinesses to create a full time income for an individual.

Nanobusinesses represent a significant opportunity for B2B telecoms service providers, but only if they recognise the opportunity, adjust the way they think about households, and target packages aimed at supporting nanobusiness workers.

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