6G Fundamentals: Vision and Enabling Technologies

June 15, 2021

Written by Alex Lawrence
David Soldani

This research paper by Dr David Soldani of the University of New South Wales explores what a 6G network might credibly look like and how it can be made to function.

The author’s vision is that, by 2030, “all intelligence will be connected following a defence-in-depth strategy – augmented by a zero-trust model – through digital twinning, using B5G/6G wireless, and machine reasoning will meet machine learning at the edge”.

The paper includes discussions of a wide ranging set of issues and ideas, including an extensive set of links to further reading, videos and articles and illustrations of key concepts. Sections include:

6G Gains Momentum

6G Network Architecture Vision

6G Fundamental Enabling Technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence at the Network Edge
  • Combined Sensing and Communication
  • Space, Air and Extreme Ground Connectivity
  • Privacy Preservation, Security Controls and Assurance
  • Prosumer Centric Systems

You can download a copy of the full paper here and view an interview with the author here.

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