Spring Symposium 2024

Sunrise view in winter snowy forest from Lapland, Finland

6GSymposium comes at a vital time in the development of telecoms. There are drastically different visions for what 6G needs to do and to be, and interests pulling stakeholders in many different directions.

How do we avoid the mistakes of the past? Only by a deliberate evolution of mindsets, business relations, strategies and industry processes alongside technology and policy evolution. Perhaps then we can build commercially successful future services which deliver the societal impact governments need.

Join us in debate about some of the most important issues and controversies facing telecoms’ development.

What to expect:

Interactive conversations and debates on essential policy, commercial and technology issues.
A day focussing on 6GFlagship and Hexa-X II innovation projects hosted by Business Finland and 6G Finland.
Networking with a wide variety of stakeholders from across Europe and beyond.
Meetings with other vertical industries undergoing transformation.
Live demonstrations of cutting-edge technology.
General and VIP social activities to make the most of the area.