Nokia, Docomo and NTT Announce New Steps Towards 6G

February 17, 2023

Written by Caio Castro

Nokia, Docomo and NTT have announced advancements in the AI-native air interface and the use of sub-terahertz spectrum for 6G. The companies paired an AI-based learned waveform in a transmitter with a deep-learning receiver. The setup reduced signalling overhead, producing up to a 30% improvement in throughput.

In their proof-of-concept, the group also demonstrated a 25 Gbps connection on a single 256QAM stream over a carrier frequency of 144 GHz using beamforming.

The companies will showcase their advancements at MWC 23, which 6GWorld will cover on site.

Photos by:

Karol D/Pexels
Nataliya Vaitkevich/Pexels

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