MWC23: 5G Advanced – Ready For Take-Off

March 1, 2023

Written by Alex Lawrence
CATEGORY: Exclusives

For those of you who can’t be in Barcelona, the GSMA has shared footage of a conference session moderated by 6GWorld. The session lasted 45 minutes and includes talks from (in order)

  • Aayush Bhatnagar, SVP, Jio Platforms (starts at 2.09)
  • Igal Elbaz, SVP & Network CTO, AT&T (starts at 15.20)
  • Sibel Tombaz, Head of Product Line 5G RAN, Ericsson (Starts at 29.45)

Each of them had some unique insights to offer into the evolution beyond 5G, from the more significant commercial prospects to the concepts driving 5G-Advanced to be fundamentally different in kind from 5G.

We know that governments worldwide are emphasising the need for reliability, security and – more than anything – sustainability in future networks. Meanwhile, operators need to be able to make returns on their investment through some fundamentally different ways of leveraging the network. This session brought out all these themes, giving us some valuable insights into the ideological and technical progression on the road to 6G.

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