ATIS and the O-RAN Alliance Ink Partnership

January 18, 2023

Written by Caio Castro
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Industry organization ATIS and the O-RAN Alliance have signed a memorandum of understanding to “further both organizations’ mutual objectives to advance the industry towards more intelligent, open, virtualized and global standards-compliant mobile networks.”

According to a statement released to the media, the memorandum establishes that ATIS – which leads the North American 6G initiative Next G Alliance – and the O-RAN Alliance will collaborate on advancing the state-of-the-art of open radio access network, including Open RAN security and stakeholder requirements for Open RAN.

The document also addresses the opportunity for ATIS translation of O-RAN Alliance specifications to Open RAN standards to advance the adoption of Open RAN in North America.

“This agreement with the O-RAN Alliance brings the power of ATIS’ 3GPP leadership and its contributions to the continued evolution of 5G, coupled with ATIS’ leadership for 6G and beyond, to advance the development of open RAN technologies,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller in the statement.

Later last year, the Next G Alliance release two 6G white papers – one focussing on cost-efficient solutions and another addressing digital world experiences. In an interview with 6GWorld during the 6GSymposium Fall 2022, Next G Alliance’s Mike Nawrocki explained the initiative’s 6G vision for the following years.

A Collective Effort

Besides the technical aspects, the memorandum also sets out participation, by invitation, in meetings of each other’s working groups, and promoting and endorsing each other’s events (such as conferences and plugfests) or activities (like publication of work results) in areas of mutual interest and with prior consent of the other party.

“Continuing the work toward open radio access networks is critical in unlocking the full potential of 5G in North America and will lay the foundation for future generations of wireless technology,” said Igal Elbaz, Chair of ATIS Board of Directors and Network CTO of AT&T.

“ATIS and the O-RAN Alliance combining their expertise and resources and ATIS’ adoption of O-RAN specifications to ATIS Open RAN standards will help accelerate the industry’s implementation of open RAN.”

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