6G Events to Attend in 2023

January 30, 2023

Written by Caio Castro
CATEGORY: Exclusives

As the buzz around 6G increases every year, associations, universities and private companies start to offer all sorts of events about the topic – webinars, workshops, conferences, both virtual and in-person. What’s better for the audience: many of them are free.

To help you find the best fits for your needs, 6GWorld has put together this non-exhaustive list of confirmed 6G events across the globe. It will be updated regularly as more dates are confirmed. Also, stay tuned for 6GWorld’s 6GSymposium Spring and the 6GSymposium Fall 2023.

The selection also includes non-6G events which are, however, related to the topic. You will find them under the section “Industry-Related Events” at the end of this page.

Know about any 6G event that is not on the list and want to share it with 6GWorld? Feel free to send us a message at alex.lawrence@6gworld.com or caio.castro@6gworld.com and submit your suggestion.


If Cloud-Native Networks Are The Future, How Do We Bring that Future Closer?

Organiser: 6GWorld

When: Feb 2

How much: Free

Where: Online

What to expect: This webinar focuses on what can be done to accelerate the transition to large scale cloud-native adoption in telecoms, the hurdles needed to be overcome, and how we do it.

More details: https://www.6gworld.com/if-cloud-native-networks-are-the-future-how-do-we-bring-that-future-closer/

ECO6G – European Ecosystem Event on 6G. Shaping the R&I Vision of 6G

Organiser: Fundació i2CAT

When: Feb 8-9

How much: Free

Where: Online

What to expect: 5G and future 6G stakeholders sit together to discuss 6G from a European perspective. The event will also feature individual initiatives put in place by the different member states.

More details: https://eco6g.com/

What Will Bring XR to Scale For 6G?

Organiser: 6GWorld

When: Feb 15

How much: Free

Where: Online

What to expect: This webinar will discuss the latest advancements in XR and 6G and answer how XR can reach scale in a 6G world.

More details: https://www.6gworld.com/what-will-bring-xr-to-scale-for-6g/


Organiser: 6GFlagship

When: Feb 16

How much: Free

Where: Hybrid

What to expect: The 6GESS day presents cutting edge 6G health and energy applications research.

More details: https://eventee.co/en/e/6gess-day-162-16119

6G Conference

Organiser: WCA

When: Feb 16

How much: Free

Where: Online

What to expect: This panel will debate whether 6G requires a new radio interface, what new spectrum bands such as Terahertz will be enabled, role of satellite connectivity, and more.

More details: https://wca.org/event/everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-6g-but-were-afraid-to-ask/


6GSymposium Spring

Organiser: 6GWorld

When: Week of May 23

How much: TDB

Where: London – UK

What to expect: 6GSymposium Spring will explore national and regional strategies and actions, how to make the evolution from 5G to 6G a commercial success, and more. Expect demos from companies and academia.

More details: https://www.6gworld.com/6gsymposium-spring-2023/


6G Global Summit

Organiser: Forum Global

When: May 3-4

How much: Free

Where: Hybrid

What to expect: Top-level industry and policy representatives from all around the world to explore the path to 2030.

More details: https://global6gsummit.com/

The 6G Summit (Co-Located with the Big 5G Event)

Organiser: Next G Alliance/Light Reading

When: May 15-17

How much: From USD 299

Where: Austin – US

What to expect: 6G Summit’s agenda is set to cover topics like public-private partnerships for 6G, sustainability KPIs, spectrum, and more.

More details: https://tmt.knect365.com/big-5g-event/6g-summit/


EUCNC&6G Summit

Organiser: CEA-LETI

When: June 6-9

How much: TBD

Where: Gothenburg – Sweden

What to expect: Under the theme “6G for a Green and Digital Transition,” the event will focus on aspects of telecommunications, from 5G deployment and mobile IoT to 6G exploration and future communications systems and networks.

More details: https://www.eucnc.eu/


6GSymposium Spring

Organiser: 6GWorld

When: Week of May 23

How much: TDB

Where: TBD

What to expect: The second 6GSymposium Fall will build on the first edition to further discussions about 6G.

More details: Website coming soon


Organiser: DNAC (De Nouvelles Architectures pour les Communications)

When: Oct 18-20

How much: TBD

Where: Paris – France

What to expect: This 6GNet edition aims at aims at assessing the progress of the various research efforts in areas that will forge 6G networks. Paper submissions are due on May 7.

More details: https://6g-conference.dnac.org/


IEEE Globecom

Organiser: IEEE

When: Dec 4-8

How much: TBD

Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What to expect: Expect more talk about 6G as this year’s IEEE Globecom focusses on “Accelerating the Digital Transformation through Smart Communications.”

More details: https://globecom2023.ieee-globecom.org/

Industry-Related Events

MWC Barcelona

Organiser: GSMA

When: Feb 27-Mar 2

How much: From € 878.90 (VAT included)

Where: Hybrid

What to expect: The biggest telecommunications event will feature several exhibitors showcasing their work on 6G and will feature a few sessions about the topic.

More details: https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/

Hannover Messe

When: Apr 17 – 21

How much: From € 22 (VAT included)

Where: Hanover – Germany

More details: https://www.hannovermesse.de/en/

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