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Governments around the world have put greater amounts of resource behind 6G so far than previous generations; they want something in return. While KVIs have been proposed as ways to deliver those societal benefits, they don’t feature in pre-existing systems to develop network generations. How can we build these into the development process so we don’t have to rethink our plans later to accommodate KVIs? Is there a case for global KVIs in the same way as global standards? What body, if any, is competent to oversee the creation and delivery against KVIs? What’s the business case for KVIs?

  • Peter Stuckmann, European Commission
  • Stefan Wendt, Orange [email protected]
  • Volker Ziegler, Nokia
  • Christine Zhenwei Qiang Director, Digital Development, Infrastructure Practice Group (GGI) [email protected]
  • Toon Norp, TNO [email protected]
  • Javier Albares, SNS-JU
  • Colin Wilcock, 6G-IA


Co-Chair, Microelectronics Finland