11:00 AM
12:00 PM

The telecoms industry has tended to focus on energy efficiency or reduction when thinking of sustainability, but there are technical, business and regulatory pressures in play that mean we must address sustainability much more broadly, both now and in the development of future technologies and systems. Is ‘sustainability by design’ a feasible design consideration alongside other performance improvements for future networks, or to what degree is this a nice-to-have for the industry?

  • EU Lighthouse? Consortium lead
  • Nikhil Sachdeva, Head of Centre for Aerospace & Aviation Sustainability at Roland Berger
  • Anita Dohler, Director General, NGMN
  • Josef Noll, Secretary General, Basic Internet Foundation
  • John Spear, CEO, Epi Consulting


There has been a focus on AI in telecoms networks as a method to improve performance, reduce energy and automate complexity. While this is doubtless useful and necessary, a fixation on optimisation may be blinding the industry to more significant uses of AI in the networks. This session explores a few of these.

  • Tero Ojanpera, Silo AI
  • IBM, via Stephen Rose
  • Markus Mueck, Programme Commitee Chair, ETSI OCG-AI Chair, ETSI Board Chair, INTEL
  • François Ortolan, ETSI OCG-AI Vice Chair, NEC (Germany)
  • Mandy Galkow-Schneider, T-Labs (Spatial computing) [email protected]
  • Frank Fitzek, TU Dresden – 6G LIFE, Germany
  • Hans Schotten, 6G Platform Germany


Co-Chair, Microelectronics Finland