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6G offers a variety of new capabilities such as Integrated Sensing & Communications, low latency, high reliability and high bandwidths. These could support all kinds of immersive and real-time services, but in practice these are likely to be consumed mostly indoors as data is today. Enterprise, industrial and in-home business cases could well be the low-hanging fruit. Should we be designing 6G systems primarily as a complement or replacement to WiFi?

  • Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis (moderator)
  • Akihiro Nakao, University of Tokyo
  • Patrik Persson, Ericsson
  • James Eibisch, IDC
  • Jarmo Matilainen, CEO, Finnet
  • Kalyan Kumar, CTO, HCLtech


Co-Chair, Microelectronics Finland