Natale Lettieri

Chief Transformation Officer, Eutelsat Group

Natale Lettieri is senior satellite telecommunications system expert, specialized in operational management of satellite systems and services. He has more than 20 years of experience in satellite telecommunications with a significant and extensive involvement in management of critical satellite infrastructures, complex programs and in delivering excellent services to customers.

After being responsible for the design, deployment and operational management of all Broadband and Connectivity services in Eutelsat group, he was appointed as Chief Service Operations Officer, leading the deployment and operations of all Eutelsat ground segment assets and services, while shaping the organization in order to maximize benefits from synergies among the different operational teams around the world. He led two main transformation programs which aimed at harmonizing processes and operating models among different operational entities, and at developing and deploying a unique IT, cloud-based, service framework, providing Eutelsat customers with a unique and innovative interface for the management of services and their clients.

Currently he is a member of Eutelsat’s Executive Committee, leading NOVA transformation program which aims at accelerating growth in the connectivity business, prepare Eutelsat for becoming a multi-orbital satellite operator, and capture the full potential of new GEO/LEO markets.

He graduated with A grades in Telecommunication Engineering at the University “Federico II” of Naples, Italy, he specialized in Digital Signal processing and Data Analysis.