Jari Partanen

Director - Head of Quality and Research, Bittium

Jari Partanen obtained his M.Sc. degree in 1990 from the University of Oulu, Finland. He has been active researcher with over 25 peer-reviewed journal articles, publications or conference papers during the past years in the areas of innovation management, agile and lean software development and cyber security. Currently Jari is in the position of Director; Quality and Research at Bittium. Jari is also involved currently for various R&D&I activities as board member e.g. of ITEA (Eureka R&D&I Cluster programme), FISC (Finnish Innovation Security Cluster) and as advisor in Business Finland’s Digital Native Finland group.

Bittium as company has been participating lately into programs like RF Sampo, which researches RF and antenna technologies for industrial 5G and e.g. in Business Finland bridge programs related to 6G Software and 6G Health as well as EDF 5G Compad, which is aims to facilitate the interoperability and development of defence and public communication systems across EU member states. Bittium has also launched in 2023 Seamless and Secure Connectivity program belonging to Business Finland´s Veturi programs. The program aims at enabling trustworthy, secure, and resilient end-to-end connectivity architectures and products including life-cycle services in various domains in the area evolving from current 5G towards the 6G.

Bittium as a company provides reliable and secure solutions for connectivity, tactical communications and biosignal measuring and monitoring.