Jani Tolonen

Product Manager, Keysight Finland

Meet Jani Tolonen, Product Manager at Keysight Finland, where he oversees Wireless Solutions—a key area in the integration of satellite networks into the cellular world. With over two decades of experience in the wireless industry and an M.Sc. degree in Engineering, Jani transitioned into the space and satellite business through the introduction of 5G NTN.

Jani’s professional journey has been marked by adaptability and a continuous pursuit of innovation. In his current role, he focuses on increasing awareness about 5G NTN within the company. Managing the end-to-end solution portfolio for wireless testing, Jani works on integrating various use cases of 5G NTN, including network integration, device testing and validation, and co-existence of terrestrial cellular networks and satellite networks.

Beyond titles and degrees, Jani’s story is one of curiosity and dedication to staying at the forefront of technology. In an evolving landscape where cellular and satellite networks converge, Jani Tolonen plays a role in shaping the future of wireless connectivity.