6GSYMPOSIUM Spring 2023

Beyond The Hype

24-26, April 2023• Live Event

Webinar: Future Network Infrastructure – Who Pays and How?

Carlos Fernandes

Carlos joined Deutsche Telekom Group Technology in 2018 with more than 20 years Telco experience, covering the areas of Radio, Access, Transport, Core and Analytics, having close to 10 patents granted in those fields of expertise. His current position is Vice...

Dr Mani Manimohan

Mani has a diverse track record that blends more than 10,000 hours in each of technology innovation, product strategy and policy making with leadership of bold initiatives at large technology firms, tech start-ups, regulatory authority and industry bodies. At GSMA, he...

Ernest Worthman

Ernest Worthman is a Senior Member of the IEEE, the Executive Editor of AGL’s Applied Wireless Technology, staff editor of AGL’s eDigest. Other credentials include being the Editor of the IEEE regional newsletter, Adjunct Professor, Colorado State University College...
Alex Lawrence

Alex Lawrence

Alex Lawrence is Managing Editor at 6GWorld. His mission is to bring together stakeholders from across industries, countries and disciplines to make sure that, as technology evolves in the coming decade, it’s meeting the changing demands of society, government and...

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