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Life Beyond 5G


November 15, 2023

From 6pm UK/ 1pm Eastern/ 10am Pacific

Watch, Chat & Engage in a Metaverse Adventure

Life Beyond 5G

Making 6G accessible for everyone.

In the next decade we will move past 5G, but it has to be a force for good. Discover the intersection of 6G and Culture, where 6G converges with AI, metaverse, robotics and more, creating an unforgettable experience for developers, creators and enthusiasts alike to take part.

A 6G future will change:

  • How we work
  • Our relationships
  • Our entertainment
  • Even our sex lives (maybe)

Join an amazing set of experts in an interactive environment to imagine, plan and prepare for a future that’s not so far away.

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Janet Adams

COO, SingularityNET

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers


Rapper, Business Owner

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Khaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan

Sexuality Expert, Host of KhaamnaLive

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Gary Bolles

Author, “The Next Rules of Work” & Future of Work Chair, Singularity University

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Adel Elmessiry

President & Co-Founder, AlphaFIN

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Stacey Engle

Founder, AuthorityLab

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Bill Inman

Entrepreneur & Strategic Advisor, Sophiaverse

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Mike Johns

Futurist & Founder, Digital Mind State

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Ronjini Joshua

Founder, the Social Equity Council

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Ras Kass

Rapper, Entrepreneur

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Arif Khan

AI Evangelist

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Marja Matinmikko-Blue

Research Director, University of Oulu

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers


Rapper, Digital Underground

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Carol Muleta

Parenting Strategist & Founder, The Parenting 411

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Vin Rock of rap duo Naughty By Nature

Rapper, Entrepreneur, Advisor at Tech With Soul

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Mimi Tam

Chair, Next G Alliance Societal & Economic Needs Working Group

Convergence: Life Beyond 5G Speakers

Myla Tkachenko

Model, Actress, Web 3 Ambassador


6.00 – 6.30pm        Doors Open for networking & familiarisation (times in UK)

6.30 – 7.15pm          6G & The Future of Hip Hop

We are promised an increasingly immersive world of entertainment: virtual and augmented reality, AI, metaverse and more, carried on new networks as revolutionary in their way as the internet. Is that realistic? Hip Hop is celebrating its 50th anniversary but what will Hip Hop in the 2030s feel like and what new experiences can we achieve? Join pioneers and creatives building the future of content to understand how things will change for you.

7.15 – 8.00pm          6G & The Future of Work

We saw how the pandemic changed working practices. Is there more change on the horizon? Is the promise of working anywhere, anytime possible and should we even want it? If automation takes away some of our work, when is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can we use AI to run side-hustles for us? Let’s explore what the next decade could or should bring, the risks and the remedies.

8.00 – 8.45pm          6G & The Future of Family

Is family life under threat? Old ways of managing relationships are changing as families live further apart. Younger generations have very different experiences and expectations growing up compared to older ones, different ways of socialising and different ways of forming relationships. At the same time, it’s never been easier to interact with people across the planet. What might family life be like in the 2030s? How best can generations in the 6G era bridge their divides?

8.45 – 9.30pm           6G & The Future of Sex

Pornhub gathers over 92 million visits a day, 529,200 GB of data per hour, with the vast majority of viewing on mobile (71.5% globally). With all the potential firepower that 6G is slated to possess, will porn be experienced in more realism than ever before? How will this impact our relationship with actual sex, and that of generations growing up?

09.30 – 09.50  6G & The Future of Social Media

In this fireside chat, we explore the way that social media could (and perhaps should) change in a new age of connections. With 1.5 million Instagram followers, join successful influencer Myla Tkachenko as we explore what works today and what’s next.

09.50 – 10.30  6G and AI – Does Humanity Have A Future?

They say technology is value-neutral, and it’s how you use it that matters. While some people are excited by what emerging tech can bring, many are worried by its potential to do great harm. Can we build these new technologies in a way that makes them ethical? And whose ethics – that of the man on the street or the billionaire banker?

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