Automation, Employment & Basic Income

Automation, Employment & Basic Income

There have been repeated discussions about the role of automation in capitalist economies, especially as it affects the nature and availability of employment. On Saturday 13 February Geoff Crocker spoke to London Futurists about the impacts of automation to date and the potential impact on the economy and work in future.

6GSymposium Sync-Up Webinar

6GSymposium Sync-Up Webinar

On November 5th 2020, 6GWorld held a webinar galloping through the lessons, take-aways and highlights of October’s 6GSymposium. The one-hour webinar includes all the biggest news and lessons from two days of packed content, thanks to a well-informed and lively set of panel members… and we even took some audience questions!

Spectrum Sharing in 6G: 6GSymposium

This 6GSymposium panel brings together an expert group from the FCC, DARPA, Google, Federated Wireless and the ITS under the guidance of Monica Paolini of Senza Fili. They discuss not only what the CBRS experience can teach us for future spectrum sharing but dig into the regulatory, technical and business model dynamics that can lead to revolutions in future networks… or sink the whole programme.

Keynote: Mazin Gilbert, AT&T: 6GSymposium

During the opening session of the 6G Symposium we hear from Mazin Gilbert, AT&T’s head of advanced technology, on his expectations of how 6G will affect peoples’ lives and how to get to that point (with an emphasis on AI). Featuring introductions from Northeastern University Provost David Madigan and InterDigital CTO Henry Tirri.

Walter Copan, NIST, Keynote Interview: 6GSymposium

In this section of the 6GSymposium, Northeastern University’s David Luzzi is joined by Walter Copan of NIST to talk about how the US’ research platforms function and coordinate; and what we can expect from them in the coming years as the fundamental elements of beyond-5G systems are put in place.

6G Drivers, Use Cases and KPIs: 6GSymposium

The first panel session at the 6GSymposium brought together experts from Ericsson, Qualcomm, Samsung, T-Mobile and Virginia Tech to unravel the ‘why’ of 6G. Moderator Caroline Gabriel takes the panelists through a wide range of ideas and fields questions from the audience.

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