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Latest Research

The Roadmap of Communication and Networking in 6G for the Metaverse – IEEE

This paper aims to depict the roadmap to the Metaverse in terms of communication and networking in 6G, including illustrating the framework of the Metaverse, revealing the strict requirements and challenges for 6G to realize the Metaverse, and discussing the fundamental technologies to be integrated in 6G to drive the implementation of the Metaverse, including intelligent sensing, digital twin (DT), space-air-ground-sea integrated network (SAGSIN), multi-access edging computing (MEC), blockchain, and the involved security issues.

ITU WORKSHOP ON “IMT FOR 2030 AND BEYOND” – June 14th Presentations

On June 14th a select group of global stakeholders shared their visions to feed into the ITU’s plans for what the next generation of telecoms should look like. While attendance was strictly limited, the presentations shared are available on the meeting website, linked here.

Áika: A Distributed Edge System for AI Inference – MDPI

In this paper, we present Áika, a robust system for executing distributed
Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications on the edge. Áika provides engineers and researchers with
several building blocks in the form of Agents, which enable the expression of computation pipelines
and distributed applications with robustness and privacy guarantees.

Future Global Technology Governance – WEF

Future Global Technology Governance – WEF

The World Economic Forum has released a new report examinig gaps in global technology governance for critical 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. Prepared with Deloitte, it identifies risks, gaps and possible policy and governance solutions ahead of a Summit in Tokyo next April.

Dense, Not Smart (Yet)

Dense, Not Smart (Yet)

Ultra dense 5G Wireless networks, with a wide number of heterogeneous cells, makes the network configuration, management and restoration extremely challenging. It is not endowed with enough intelligence and flexibility.

6G: Breaking Out of Our Cells?

6G: Breaking Out of Our Cells?

6G might effectively ignore the Shannon limit. Xiaohu You of Southeast University has proposed a number of techniques to improve not only data rates but reliability and spectrum re-use that can help meet 6G’s stringent demands… by breaking down the concept of cellular communications itself.

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