6G Applications and Use Cases – Next G Alliance

Next G Alliance explores four foundational areas of use cases (Everyday Living, Experience, Critical Roles, and Societal Goals), with the goal of better understanding how next-generation technology and its ecosystem can help improve the way humans live and interact.

Antenna Research Directions for 6G

This work reviews several key
research trends in antennas to fulfil demands for the fifth
generation of communications (5G) and beyond, especially 6G,
and considers novel antenna techniques and designs needed to
increase the smartness of the antenna systems and to provide
improved beamforming and security.

Áika: A Distributed Edge System for AI Inference – MDPI

In this paper, we present Áika, a robust system for executing distributed
Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications on the edge. Áika provides engineers and researchers with
several building blocks in the form of Agents, which enable the expression of computation pipelines
and distributed applications with robustness and privacy guarantees.