Is 6G Possible?

Is 6G possible? The short answer is yes. Some of the fundamental technologies underpinning 6G already exist, and extensive research is working to advance these and novel technologies to enable pioneering new applications. Like any new technology paradigm, however, there are still substantial hurdles remaining to developing economically viable solutions for a broad range of […]

Who is Leading 6G Technology?

In this article, we highlight some prominent individuals who are leading the charge toward 6G wireless technology. Of course, those featured below are just a small selection of the many talented professionals working to make 6G a reality. The list below is intended to recognize some early leaders in this space while illustrating the diverse […]

6G 101: What Is 6G Technology and How It Works

Wondering about the future of wireless communications technology? In this article, we provide a look at 6G, a  new wireless technology generation that is expected to shape society and the economy after it is launched around 2030. .  What is 6G technology? “6G” is the sixth generation of wireless technology, the next successor to previous […]

Your Guide to 6G and IoT Integration

The 6G and IOT (Internet of Things) integration is poised to redefine the boundaries of connectivity, efficiency, and innovation. This transformative synergy between 6G and IoT is positioned to usher in an age of hyperconnectivity, where devices not only connect but collaborate and make intelligent decisions in real time.  Let’s explore the essence of IoT, […]

How to Build a 6G Business Strategy

Businesses across the globe are anxiously awaiting the arrival of 6G – and many are preparing themselves to welcome it with open arms. With promises of ultra-high speeds, near-zero latency, and groundbreaking capabilities, 6G is set to redefine the digital landscape.  So, how can businesses navigate this uncharted territory and capitalize on the opportunities it presents […]