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Guest Post: The Rise of International R&D Collaboration for OpenRAN Development on the Path to 6G

Maggie Chao, Deputy Division Director at ITRI, argues that OpenRAN is going to be a key part of future networks and highlights the significance of ongoing testing and validation work taking place globally.

Guest Post: MWC, AI and the future impact on telcos

In this guest post Ciena International CTO Jürgen Hatheier explores the current roles and future of AI in telecoms’ development from optimisation to new capabilities.

IMT-2030 – Understanding The ITU’s Vision For A Global 6G Standard

In November 2023 the International Telecommunication Union's Radiocommunication sector (ITU-R) reached a consensus on the global vision for IMT-2030 (6G), which is expected to be a fundamental milestone in developing 6G. Notably, the ITU’s consultation process...
Guest Post: Cluster Competitiveness in 6G Ecosystems

Guest Post: Cluster Competitiveness in 6G Ecosystems

Worldwide, governments are ambitious to foster home industries, research power houses, business networks and start-ups. In parallel, industry players are looking ahead to 6G commercialisation with an eye to how government intervention can help. These dynamics set up a fertile context for communities to form around public-private partnerships and market development efforts, Ken Figueredo explores the dynamics and successes in 6G so far.

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