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Guest Post: Decentralised 6G & The End of Roaming

Guest contributor Heikki Almay outlines some of the implications of pursuing a decentralised approach to 6G. While it may upset many existing business approaches, is it the only sane way forwards?

Guest Post: What Does the GSMA’s Open Network API Initiative Mean for Mobile Games?

The mobile gaming experience is, and will continue to be, a significant force both for the telecoms providers and the gaming industry. What can the GSMA’s Open Gateway Initiative bring to the table, and what more needs to be done?

Guest Post: From Factory Automation to Autonomy Factory

The next phase of automation in factories is driven by productivity. Machines need to be able to make decisions by themselves and they need to be able to move around. In technical terms we need AI and mobile networks. Mika Skarp of Cumucore gives his view of the next steps in this direction.

Guest Post: 6G – Fitting the Market Needs of the 2030s

Guest Post: 6G – Fitting the Market Needs of the 2030s

“In 6G standardisation it might be a good idea to listen to the needs of the non-public network clientele as this is the only sizable area of growth for the 3GPP ecosystem right now.” In this guest post Heikki Almay, CEO of Poutanet, sets out some ideas for 6G architecture that might help make 6G a more marketable proposition.

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