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From Security-Enhanced 5G Systems to Security-By-Design 6G Systems – Rakuten Symphony

In this white paper, Dr David Soldani explores the differences between security and privacy integration in 5G and 6G, outlining how the two generations differ and also makes some practical recommendations for how to pursue the development of secure telecoms today.

Which Types of Gaming Will Benefit From 5G & 6G Networks?

The media landscape of the coming decade is changing in a multitude of ways, supported by new capabilities in 5G, 5G Advanced and 6G. Nowhere is this more true than in the gaming industry, which will move quickly to integrate new capabilities into its titles.

Don’t Miss The Open RAN Boat!

This original piece of research by Sudhir Iyer examines the market forces supporting Open RAN, investigating whether Open RAN is indeed too late for realisation in 5G and what the value proposition truly is.

Guest Editorial: The Advent of Private LTE and 5G Networks

Guest Editorial: The Advent of Private LTE and 5G Networks

Wireless networking in industrial and mission-critical domains may not be news to readers of 6GWorld™, but the latest innovations in this realm are still a novelty to many people whose jobs and lives will soon be transformed by them. Indeed, the world of private LTE and 5G networking infrastructure represents a largely untapped growth opportunity, even though by 2025 it will have enabled a new age of pervasive connectivity and awareness that will foster entirely new modes of customer interaction and service delivery.

Learning the Lessons of 5G

Learning the Lessons of 5G

Industry experts say 6G should follow a very different path to its predecessor. One of the allegations levelled at 5G is that it is a solution in search of a problem. If that is true, perhaps the very first question that 6G visionaries should ask themselves is: What will 6G be for?

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