Don’t Miss The Open RAN Boat!

This original piece of research by Sudhir Iyer examines the market forces supporting Open RAN, investigating whether Open RAN is indeed too late for realisation in 5G and what the value proposition truly is.

6G Cloud & Edge in Manufacturing

Researchers wanted to find the optimum balance between low-energy usage and low latency when splitting computing tasks between device, edge and cloud.

Guest Post: The G is Dead, Long Live the Cloud

In this guest post, Ray Dolan of Cohere Technologies outlines the commercial imperatives behind a shift to cloud-native architectures and what this may mean for future telecoms generations.

The Way We’re Building the Metaverse is All Wrong

Giovanni Petrantoni, President and Founder of Fragnova Foundation, explores the fundamentals of what it will take to build the metaverse in a way that’s commercially sustainable – that is, decentralised and interoperable.