Caio Castro

US House of Representatives Passes 6G Task Force

The approved bill requires the FCC to form a 6G task force and investigate how to design and deploy 6G technologies; it now goes to the Senate

Will HAPS Become a Tool to Fight Wildfires? Experts Think So

Today’s technology helps fight forest fires but it is still limited. That’s where advancements in the HAPS field can help

So What Is Needed to Enable the Metaverse?

On October 28th this year Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg officially made public the company’s intentions to create its version of the metaverse, Horizon. Some days later, Microsoft announced it was bringing 3D avatars into Teams. And Decentraland’s...

6G: Why and How Should we Get There?

With the fifth generation of mobile internet taking its early steps, a significant number of policymakers, operators, and agencies are concerned about how to deploy 5G and to turn this technology into a useful and profitable resource. Would now be the best time to...

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