Caio Castro

NGMN Calls for New Paradigm in the 6G ‘Graceful Evolution’

NGMN outlined innovations and new services that 6G should deliver, operational priorities, and standardisation and spectrum goals

FCC Approves Rules to Streamline Satellite Applications in the US

The new FCC directives establish specific timeframes for placing space and earth stations on public notice, among other changes

UK Awards Over £6.6 Million in Research Leading to 6G

Research projects that will benefit 6G will be carried out by companies like BT, Keysight, Viavi, the University of York, and others

So What Is Needed to Enable the Metaverse?

So What Is Needed to Enable the Metaverse?

On October 28th this year Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg officially made public the company’s intentions to create its version of the metaverse, Horizon. Some days later, Microsoft announced it was bringing 3D avatars into Teams. And Decentraland’s...

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