Paths To 2030,
Relevance For 2022

23-25, May 2022 • Virtual Event

Alex Lawrence

6GSymposium Day 3 Recap: Technology With A Purpose

Day 3 focussed on the technology needed to enable 6G’s stringent social and performance demands. Pioneers at the cutting edge delivered insights across hardware, software, architecture, satellite integration and much more… but with some striking twists.

6GSymposium Day 1: Clarity, Confusion, Competition, Continuity

Day One of the 6GSymposium brought some fundamental questions about the evolution path from 5G to 6G. See the recap here

“That Doesn’t Sound Sexy, But It’s Game-Changing”: Video Interview with Stephen Douglas, Spirent

6GWorld talks with Stephen Douglas, long at Spirent’s cutting edge for 5G and now also 6G, about emerging concepts around how a network of networks might work – including governance, AI, orchestration, business relationships and much more.

Dense, Not Smart (Yet)

Dense, Not Smart (Yet)

Ultra dense 5G Wireless networks, with a wide number of heterogeneous cells, makes the network configuration, management and restoration extremely challenging. It is not endowed with enough intelligence and flexibility.

6G: Breaking Out of Our Cells?

6G: Breaking Out of Our Cells?

6G might effectively ignore the Shannon limit. Xiaohu You of Southeast University has proposed a number of techniques to improve not only data rates but reliability and spectrum re-use that can help meet 6G’s stringent demands… by breaking down the concept of cellular communications itself.

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