About 6G World

About 6GWorld

As we step from the birth of commercial 5G today to the birth of commercial 6G, the world will change radically, in:

  • Technology,
  • Business models,
  • Attitudes, and 
  • Needs.

How do we navigate through this and deliver the solutions that will truly be needed?

Only by bringing together a community of advanced researchers, commercial leaders and experts of all kinds to share their insights.

Then everyone can:

  • Understand the context they are working towards as well as possible.
  • Debate the best ways forward in a non-partisan environment.
  • Find inspiration and new thinking from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.

6GWorld is this community.

Devoted to sharing thought leadership and stimulating content wherever we find it. We create:

  • In-house news, thought pieces, reviews and research, complete with a newsletter every 2 weeks.
  • A forum for other people to share ideas, updates, opinions and questions.
  • A platform for events, webinars, videos and more.

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Who We Are

A picture of Alex Lawrence

Alex Lawrence

Alex Lawrence is Managing Editor at 6GWorld. His mission is to bring together stakeholders from across industries, countries and disciplines to make sure that, as technology evolves in the coming decade, it’s meeting the changing demands of society, government and business.

He has been involved as a professional nosy person in the telecoms sphere since 2004, with short detours through industrial O&M and marketing.

If you’d like to talk to Alex about your ideas or projects he’d love to hear from you. @animalawrence or alex.lawrence@6gworld.com.

Ryan Szporer

Ryan Szporer

A graduate of Concordia University’s Department of Journalism, Ryan’s writing experience spans several decades and sectors, including finance and tech. He joins 6GWorld with wide eyes looking onward as the latest generation of cellular technology unfolds.

Caio Castro, journalist at 6GWorld

Caio Castro

Journalist since eight years old, when I would read the newspaper out loud and pretend it was a radio show. Based in Montreal, I have worked for Brazilian websites as reporter and editor before joining 6GWorld.

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