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DAY 1 – 6GSymposium Spring 2024 – April 09 2024

6G Surgery: Answering Your Questions

What’s The Business Case For Future Networks?

DAY 2 – 6GSymposium Spring 2024 – April 10 2024

How Can Standards Processes Deliver the Best Outcomes for 6G?

Is Chasing “Sustainable 6G Technology” Realistic?

Hurdles To The Commercial Integration Of Terrestrial And Non-Terrestrial Networks

6G Will Work Best For Indoor & Private Networks – Prove Me Wrong

European Microelectronics & Chips: More Than A Me-Too Continent?

Is AI For Telecoms Just An Optimisation Tool?

DAY 3 – 6GSymposium Spring 2024 – April 11 2024

Next-Gen Networks Are GenAI Networks”: Discuss

Making A Killing From 6G Killer Apps? A Pragmatic Exploration

Physical Layer Advancements Supporting ITU-R Future Technology Trends

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