22-24, April 2023

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About 6GSymposium Spring 2023

As the ITU defines 6G vision, usage scenarios and requirements more clearly, work begins to develop the wide variety of technology enablers. Beyond technical challenges, we must also build clarity around how to commercialise the new capabilities. The telecoms sector needs confidence that investment will be profitable – not more hype!

At 6GSymposium Spring 2023 we will bring together the international community to build consensus on key issues and further the momentum towards 6G. Join us for essential debates, updates and technical demonstrations moving beyond hype to concrete action and strategies.

  • Who: 200-300 invited guests
  • When: April, 24-26, 2022
  • Where:
    • Monday: IET London: Savoy Place
    • Tuesday – Wednesday: 5G/6G Innovation Centre | University of Surrey

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University of Surrey

IET London: Savoy Place

24, April 2023

2 Savoy Pl, London WC2R 0BL, United Kingdom

Join industry leaders from the ITU and global organisations to understand the shape of 6G to come. How are international bodies rallying behind the ITU’s vision and perspectives, and how does this relate to government policies and regulation? Join us for interactive discussions followed by networking with global decision-makers.

University of Surrey

6G Innovation Centre at The University of Surrey

25-26, April 2023

Stag Hill, University Campus, Guildford GU2 7XH, United Kingdom

The focus moves to alignment of national programmes, industry strategy and research behind the ITU’s goals. We explore national and regional strategies and actions; how to make the evolution from 5G to 6G a commercial success; and the cutting edge of research programmes today across industry and academia. Highly interactive sessions encourage live participation, while on-site demos of cutting edge research underline how far 6G is already moving beyond simply hype.

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